EpicTable - Shattered Star

1st Session - Terse

Met with Sheila Heidmarch at Heidmarch Manor and accepted the mission to find Natalya, a Sczarni gang member who had notified her about a Thassilonian item the Sczarni gang found. She was to meet Sheila 3 days ago and didn’t show. Ms. Heidmarch wants to know if Natalya fled with the artifact, met with foul play, or if something else is going on.

While waiting for their meeting with Ms. Heidmarch, the the PCs encountered a small demon. It was trapped inside an arcane box with Abyssal writing on it. Rinvent recognized the writing as 4/5’s of an incantation. He spoke the words aloud, completing the incantation, and the box opened, unleashing the demon, who seemed intent upon destroying as much as he could. After a brief struggle, Redemption grabbed the demon and stuffed it back in the box.

The PCs met with the Amazing Zograthy in the Underbridge district and learned that Natalya was part of a Sczarni gang called “the Tower Girls”. His mystical reading of the crystal ball told him that the Sczarni gang wasn’t responsible for Natalya’s disappearance, and that they were looking for her also. He had a vision of a boat pulling up to the docks at the Puffy Pelican and Natalya being dragged towards it.

The PCs went to the Puffy Pelican, encountered the invisible spellcaster, Plutiarch, subdued him, and turned him over to the city guard in Arvensoar for a reward. Rinvent took his potions but put the rest of his gold and gear in a safety deposit box to be there upon his release. They got an additional clue from Plutiarch—that the should seek out Fenster the Blight in one of the abandoned warehouses down here by the docks.

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